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The cathedral of San Cerbone is the most important place of catholic worship of Massa Marittima, the mother church of the diocese of Massa Marittima-Piombino. In July of 1975 Pope Paul VI elevated the church into a minor basilica.

The cathedral was built in the eleventh century in Romanesque style and its construction continued throughout the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. At the end of the thirteenth century Giovanni Pisano changed the third order of the façade (the top one) and extended the apse in its current form.

In the fifteenth century the wooden roof of the nave was modified and replaced with the remaining cruises (still current), while sides cruising of the aisles were added in the seventeenth century.

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Her name is not by chance “Sol Omnibus Lucet”, it means “the sun shines for everyone”. The sculptural garden is created by the artist Maria Dompè for the city of Massa Marittima and it is named in memory of Norma Parenti, a young partisan, gold medal military prowess.

A great redevelopment job of wanted by the municipal, by the Tuscany region and by local associations, and especially “green work”, as the artist likes to call it, created directly on the town walls of the medieval Maremma.

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The Lake of Accesa is a small and mysterious lake in Maremma which houses an ancient Etruscan settlement. It is less than 10 km from the town of Massa Marittima and represents an interesting area from the point of view of nature and archeology, as on the shores of Lake was found an original Etruscan settlement of the VII – VI century b.C.. It consisted of five districts and various cemeteries that made him recently, thematic park of the Etruscan civilization.

It remains an extremely interesting place for a walk and a day of sun and relax.

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Cala Violina is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach of the Maremma with its white sand, crystal clear sea and Mediterranean forest behind him. A corner of unspoilt paradise located between Follonica and Punta Ala a 20-minute drive from Massa Marittima. The beach is reachable after a walk of 1.5 km in the pine forest, which takes between 20 to 30 minutes.

The beach is clear and grainy, composed of tiny grains of quartz. His particular name comes from the sound that emits the sand when you step on it, which commemorates the violin (to feel it is essential, however, a certain stillness).

If you are in Maremma off the bathing season, take a walk to Cala Violina, you will appreciate the most authentic beauty. Even in winter, on sunny days, you would want to plunge…

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